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Pax has a great ability to bring people together to create remarkable things, his ideas are at the forefront of innovation and he can nurture a thought, idea or a person to achieve its fullest potential.

D. Knight - Director Nine Red

On a personal note it has been a real pleasure to work alongside Pax; for his professionalism, openness to new ideas, positive outlook, and lastly, but not least, his great sense of humour. 

C. Beauchamp - Artistic Director Mandinga Arts

Pax Nindi is highly respected for his many qualities and attributes . He is held in high regards by the Heritage Associates for giving recognition and support to individuals and groups working within The Hidden Creative Industry , whose contributions has been ignored

B Baker - Director and Founder Heritage Associates

Pax has played a major role in my journey into carnival over the past 12 years, firstly as a trainer and educator in the many forms of carnival from around the world, secondly as a supporter and consultant to Festive Road CIC since it's formation in 2005.

S. Tipping - Director Route Canal Arts

Pax has great vision for a global outlook of merging artists in the carnival / musical/ entertainment sector, inspiring others to fulfil their obligations with encouragement and belief of their talents. He is flexible with a relaxed attitude adaptable to any given situation, perceptibly understanding the Artists sensitivities in work aesthetics. 

H Davenport - Artistic Director Carnival Culture




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